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Small Chickens, Pekin Bantams ...

colours are available in smooth & frizzle. (apart from Bobtail & Rose Bobtail)

Gold Laced
The Gold Laced Pekin Bantam is extremely rare in the UK especially the frizzle feathered. They are a real jewel in the crown to any flock!
Rose Bobtail
This beautiful Rose Bobtail Pekin Bantam is very rare in the UK.
The Bobtail is said to be the most desirable of all the Pekin Bantams due to their extra wide, soft feathering.
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Larger Chickens ...

Cream Legbar, Marsbar, Silver Laced Wynadotte Bantam, Gold Laced Orpington Bantam, Swedish Flower Hen & French Blue Copper Maran.

A cross breed to obtain an olive/mint coloured egg. Available in two colours, gold & steel grey.
French Marans
The French Marans lay the most gorgeous chocolate coloured egg. They come in Black Copper, Blue Copper & Splash. Marans can only be called French if they have the feathered legs.
Silver Laced Wynadotte Bantam
Not as small as a Pekin Bantam but not as large as a stardard sized hen, an ideal medium sized hen to fit in with both large & small flocks.
Swedish Flower Hen
These beautiful chickens come in a variety of colours & are rare breed. They are good layers of nice big off white eggs.
Gold Laced Orpington Bantam
These gorgeous chickens are a perfect mid sized chicken producing lovely beige/cream eggs.
Cream Legbar
These pretty hens have rather funky hair styles! And lay the most exquisite large blue eggs.
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