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Welcome to The Little Chicken Lady!

We are based in North Norfolk & breed quality rather than quantity from many show hens & cockerels.


The Little Chicken Lady was created by Felicity in spring 2017 as a small project to occupy herself whilst on maternity leave with her first baby, Orlando. Felicity has always been passionate about chickens - in particular the Pekin Bantam as she loves their individual personalities & 'pom pom' feathers! & more recently several other breeds of 'pretty' chickens including the rare Swedish Flower Hens.


Felicity's most recent expansion has been into breeding hens that lay coloured eggs also known as Rainbow Egg layers. Please see the For Sale page for our breeds of hens that lay different coloured eggs.





As you can see Felicity takes particular care & attention to make sure every member of the 'family' is well looked after, resulting in happy, healthy & rather friendly chickens.

Felicity does not buy in young stock to sell. She takes great pride in visiting her breeding hens & cockerels daily & twice daily during the season to collect their fertile eggs, of which she then incubates either in Brinsea incubators or under broody hens.

Felicity prides herself on hatching correctly bred, quality stock which has been given the highest standard of care & attention.

All chickens are treated for mites & regularly wormed with Flubenvet.


"Lots of friends know me as the crazy chicken lady as I can often be found in the chicken run talking to my girls & boys like their my children! I just think im passionate in what I do!"